Our activities

For many of our clients, Eco-op and the other people who attend it become part of their everyday support network helping to build resilience, maintain health, and encourages a positive approach to mind, body and spirit.

Kingston Eco-op activities

Kingston Eco-Op is committed to running a diverse range of activities, events and workshops. We provide opportunities for learning, developing life skills, raising self-esteem and confidence by being part of our small community.

We have been inspired by the New Economic Foundation’s Five Steps to Wellbeing and intend to use these well researched guidelines to steer our strategic direction. These principles have been embraced by many organisations as a practical way of building resilience, wellbeing and mindfulness for those in vulnerable groups.


Our project emphasises social contact and being part of a supportive community. We have a range of project events throughout the year to celebrate the seasons and we make efforts to recognise achievements as well as birthdays.


Our partnership with Richmond & Hillcroft Adult Community College has brought a lot of new activities to the project. Sessional teachers visit our premises in Kingston to deliver IT, English, Maths and Art classes.

Be Active:

We have a regular walk club which visits local parks, museums and areas of intrest. Excercise sessions are avaliable twice weekly to help our community stay in shape.

Take Notice:

We encourage our members to develop positive strategies for coping with thier own mental health and to recognise the signs of anxiety in others. One-to-one intensive support is available for those with acute distress.


Peer to peer support has always been a key feature of Kingston Eco-Op. Being aware of the feelings and needs of others is not only crucial for future employment but also helps to increase social skills in general.

Kingston Eco-op provides:

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We have links with Richmond Adult Community College (RACC) so we are able to run classes that either take place at Kingston Eco-op or at Richmond Adult Community College.

Bike workshop

We provide supported training for people with mental health problems and learning disabilities by refurbishing donated bicycles. All our bikes and second hand parts are for sale.

Health & Wellbeing

Kingston Eco-Op works closely with its partners to provide a variety of physical and mental wellbeing activities. We also signpost our clients to activities outside of the project that may be beneficial to them according to their particular interests and needs.


The snackboxes are filled with a selection of Fairtrade products such as yoghurt coated raisins, double chocolate chunk cookies, fruit and nut mix and wafer bars.

Weekly schedule

What does a typical week look like?