Surrey Care Trust came to Eco-Op and over several weeks, taught us all about good food hygiene practices.

The last week of our course was the practical. It was a busy morning as we split up into three groups and made three different meals to enjoy for our lunch: pizza, fish pie and vegetable stir fry.

Everyone got involved and demonstrated good handwashing techniques, wearing aprons at all times, and in the process found out just how easy it is to cook healthy meals.

With our support, clients were able to enjoy the very tasty results of their hard work, and we all look forward to more cooking in the future.

If you are partiularly keen on cooking, are qualified in Food Hygiene, and have a few hours a week spare to share, we would welcome any volunteers who would like to help start up a lunch club. Please get in touch on or call Chris on 020 8942 5503.