Kingston Eco-Op is fundraising and needs your help!


On the day of the sponsored walk, we had sweltering heat, but we still walked 2 MILES in and around Kingston, dressed up in our beach wear and carrying a lilo. Many of our clients have mobility issues but still kept walking the full distance: they were amazing! We even stopped by at Cafe Jax and they have taken one of our collection pots - thank you! Please, if you have a couple of pounds to spare, place them in the pot or click on this link and sponsor our walkers: HERE

Many thanks - The Eco-op team

We are excited to announce that we will be running a Fundraising Day on Tuesday 7th August 10:00-12:30.

Many of our clients do not get the opportunity to go on holiday, and often the Eco-op trip to the seaside is their only getaway in the year. With budget cuts in place, we need YOUR help to get us to the seaside! You can do this in one of four ways:

Our clients are taking Steps to the Seaside - will you join us?