T-shirts to commemorate our upcoming 10th anniversary

As part of the Richmond & Hillcroft Adult Community College art course at Kingston Eco-Op, the class created designs over two weeks and then screen printed t-shirts for the end of term. With the help of our fantastic art teacher, each student had a go at placing the screens and then spreading the ink over the top.

Many demonstrated a fantastic natural flair and all thoroughly enjoyed getting involved in the production process. This may be the start of a new enterprise!

For the celebration event itself, we have invited many of our partners and involved professionals, and if you are lucky enough to be attending, you will have the chance to purchase these limited edition handmade t-shirts on the day!

Kingston Eco-op will be celebrating 10 years on Wednesday 24th April. If you would like to attend, please email us on info@kingstoneco-op.org.uk or call 07947 574123. Attendance is on an invite-only basis due to limited space.