Last week we joined up with the YMCA to start a 10 week course, Live Well Be Well!

We are going to be spending the first part of our 10 sessions looking at nutrition and healthy eating to help us make good choices when choosing our meals and snacks. In our first sessions we created a collage of all the foods we could remember having eaten over the past week, including all the puddings and snacks we have enjoyed!

After weighing and measuring those of us who wanted to we set about doing an exercise class that concentrated on stretching our muscles. Although the movements we made were very small we all felt the benefits of the exercise.

The next day was our cooking session so we decided to make a good choice and instead of baking cakes we made a giant fruit salad that we could all enjoy. Several of us set about cutting up a particular fruit and then we added all fruits together. We did enjoy our fruit salad with just a small bit of cream on the side! This week we're going to be creating our own smoothies and we are also going to look for slightly healthier baking options in the weeks to come.