Leeni - Manager of Kingston Eco-Op


I've been at Eco-op for over 4 years and love my job. It's great to work with the clients and offer them opportunities to undertake a variety of activities that they enjoy. We have a great staff team and everyone works together for the greater good of our clients. We also have some amazing volunteers and often get the benefit of student placements and interns.

Chris - Deputy manager


It has been a wonderful journey seeing how the project has grown since opening in 2009. I've been working from the very beginning across a variety of roles. I truly value the community here, having known many of our team and community members for years now. It has been amazing watching everyone grow in confidence, learn new skills and express themselves creatively. Working at a small charity can be challenging but I love being so close to the beneficiaries of our project and seeing first-hand the impact of our events, plans and projects.

Sharon - Team leader


I was employed 6 months ago in the new role of Team Leader. I find the role thoroughly enjoyable because every day brings something new, from the activities to the outings to the community spirit in the room, it’s a really great place to be and I am thrilled to be part of this amazing team. I love that I can build up good relationships with the clients due to the amount of time I get to spend with them, on all the different activities they do.

Christianah - Front line Support Worker

Head shot place holder

I enjoy my work as we have more clients and activities than ever before. I've seen different managers and buildings over the years and with the stability of the current venue and the manager there are now more structures in place like the clients having key workers who support them to reach their goals.

Gary - Front line Support Worker, Bike Mechanic and music group leader


After many years as an Eco-Op Support worker I still am constantly inspired by the amazing group of people that come along and take part in the diverse range of activities that we now offer. Eco-Op's future looks good and I relish being able to continue to put my energy and experience into this role and continue to see the organisation grow.

Monika - Front line Support Worker


I’ve been at Eco-Op for 12 months now, I enjoy working with people and I am happy to see the clients getting involved in Arts & Crafts as this is a subject I am passionate about. I am glad I have the opportunity to learn and be professionally trained in order to understand and facilitate the clients that attend here better.

Rozi - Front line Support Worker

Head shot place holder

I came across Eco-op while looking for volunteer work. I helped run the Cook & Eat course, and now work as the Co-Facilitator at The Larch and a Support Worker at Eco-Op. My favourite parts are the variety of the project, the people that attend and the potential for an exciting future! 

Zoe - Front line Support Worker


I've been working at Eco-op since April 2021 and have seen an increase in clients and staff. I enjoy working with the clients, taking them on walks and getting creative with them to produce some amazing pieces of work.

Dan - Admin Support Worker


I'm Dan, the admin support worker. With a great team and great community members, work feels like a celebration of connection, blurring the lines between tasks and shared experiences.