"Volunteering at our project brings a lot of value to our work, providing more opportunities to spend more time with our community on a personal level, developing positive social interactions with members who really appreciate the care, attention, and support."

Our volunteering opportunities

Local volunteers bring a lot of care and happiness to our community members.

We host placements from any local university, for anyone with an interest in social care, psychology or health.

Looking for a volunteer or student to assist with fundraising for new activities and projects.

Hear from one of our volunteers

"I had a great privilege serving as a support worker at Kingston Eco-Op. In this role, my responsibilities included providing assistance, companionship and support to vulnerable adults facing various challenges. I am grateful for the opportunity to have contributed to well-being of individuals facing vulnerabilities. I developed strong communication and empathy skills and honed my abilities to handle sensitive situations. I have learned to understand and respond to diverse user needs effectively. I believe this experience enhanced my capacity to work collaboratively in diverse and dynamic settings.
I have been fortunate to work in a supportive environment where collaboration is valued. The organisation provides resources, training opportunities and a culture that encourages growth enabling me to excel in my role. The organisation's family like culture has been instrumental in my professional growth. Additionally, they have generously provided positive references, enhancing my opportunities for personal and career growth.
I highly recommend it to others."