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The Larch Club

The Larch Club opened in August 2023 and provides a social drop-in club for adults with autism (23+) without a learning disability. The club operates as a drop in with activities that include socialising, board games and arts & crafts. We want this club to be a venue for people with autism to feel comfortable to be themselves and share their experiences with others who understand the challenges that they face.


Who is this for?

This club is for adults (23+) with autism, either by diagnosis or for anyone that feels they have the traits associated with autism. Those with a learning disability will be signposted to other services. There is a short referral form required to sign up, any questions give us a call - See the map below for contact details.


When is the club open?

Every Wednesday, 6pm to 9pm. Each session costs £5.00, payable by cash or debit card. 


Referrals to the Larch

For referrals to the Larch club please contact Leeni Szalay-Winter, contact details below.

The Larch Club

leeni Szalay-Winter


Enhancable Centre, 13 Geneva Road
New Malden

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What is a Larch?

Larch Tree

The Larch Club was set up by a working group who wanted to find a symbol that represents the key aims of the club.

The Larch Tree is...

Resilient - The Larch tree is considered to be a handsome tree and is resilient to fire and injury.

Masking - The Larch looks like a conifer tree but unlike other conifers it loses its leaves in the winter.

Adaptable - Adapts to its environment and can grow in the coolest climates.

Clever - We are honouring people with autism by creating the Larch club.

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