Joining the Community Access Scheme

Kingston Eco-Op has been a member of the Kew Gardens community access scheme for the past year. We visited Kew Gardens twice in the summer of 2023 to soak up the wonderful atmosphere being surrounded by beautiful plants and conservatories.

Many of our members would really struggle to afford visiting Kew Gardens, particularly during the current cost of living crisis. Community access schemes allow us to branch out and spend time together exploring local places. It also means we can take our time and relax, focussing on being somewhere new and keeping safe.


Visiting Kew Gardens at Christmas

We were fortunate to win some tickets for the Kew Christmas event! This meant we were able to give out pairs of tickets for our members to visit the gardens with their carer. Some of our community members who do not have carers available were invited to join a group of staff and volunteers to help show them round. We're not used to going out on trips at night but thanks to our team of staff and volunteers, everyone had a great evening!




More information about the community access scheme

The Kew Gardens community access scheme is for local charities, CIC's, benefit societies or voluntary community groups. They have been brilliant and supportive to work with, find more information here:

Community Access Scheme at Kew