Kingston Eco-Op is registered charity, a project of Kingston Voluntary Action CIO number 1160403.

One of our core aims is to enhance the wellbeing of our community through a range of activities which provide opportunities for social interaction, creativity and exercise. Many of these activities require funding to attend or to pay for a service. We always have more ideas for fun activities than our budgets allow so we are looking for a volunteer fundraiser to join our office team to help apply for funding bids.

The benefits of a small, local charity

It is wonderful to see the immediate impact of our events and activities on the community. Unlike larger charities, we work every day with the beneficiaries of our project and can see the effects of our efforts first-hand. We have received donations from various local organisations over the years which we have spent on trips out, christmas gifts and the purchasing of new equipment or materials.

Skills you'll need

Ideally, we are looking for someone with a bit of knowledge about finance, project management or business. A typical funding bid requires knowledge of the work we do and preparation of a budget which we can assist with - working out the cost of staff, venue hire, vehicle hire and so on. There are so many sources of funding out there, all with differing requirements and specialties, this will require time in our office space to research and discuss potential ideas with the management team. If you are an organised and motivated person who wants to make a difference for our community, apply today!