Kingston Eco-Op is a social care charity which offers a wide range of activities for adults at risk of social isolation – learning disabilities, mental health, neurodiversity, and physical disability (mobility support, visual impairment etc). The core of our project is the frontline social care support we offer our community from our premises at Searchlight Community Centre in New Malden. 

A social care placement

An interest in pursuing social care work, learning more about how our members are supported to have independent and empowered lives. This can include an in-depth look at how our policies and procedures are designed to keep everyone at the project safe from harm. 

Skills you'll need

Applicants may have a particular focus they want to develop or prefer to try a variety of tasks before settling on a specific role. Experience of mental health, learning difficulties / disabilities or neurodiversity is helpful but not essential; interpersonal skills for social care can be developed from a foundation of open-mindedness and empathy toward difference.

When you contact us about a placement, please state how many hours you need to complete and by what date. This will help us assess whether we have capacity to support the placement.